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We’ve put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information about 360° Family Office and the services we offer.

What is a Family Office?

What is a Family Office?

Family Offices are private wealth management advisory firms that have historically served only ultra-high-net-worth (UHNW) individuals and families. The same tools and solutions previously restricted to the ultra wealthy are becoming available for all levels of success.

Family Offices are different from traditional wealth management services in that they offer budgeting, insurance, charitable giving, family-owned businesses, wealth transfer, and tax services in addition to the typical financial and investment side of services to an affluent individual or family.

What is a Multi-Family Office?

What is a Multi-Family Office?

A Multi-Family Office is the most common family office type. Professionals, such as former bankers, trustees or lawyers usually initiate the establishment of a commercial multi-family office. Their goal is to leverage the independence of a family office to manage your wealth, and offer an expanded portfolio of services focused on your individual needs.

Single Family Versus Multi-Family

Single Family Versus Multi-Family Offices

Family offices are most often defined as either single family offices or multi-family offices. Single family offices serve just one family while multi-family offices serve multiple clients. Multi-Family offices provide economies of scale that facilitate cost sharing amongst the participants, making them more common than SFO’s.

The 360° Family Office is...

360 Family Office is a comprehensive process that incorporates state of the art technical expertise in legal, finance, and lifestyle strategies. It must be:


Change and adapt to your evolving circumstances and shifting financial and legal environments.


A high degree of discretion regarding specific legal strategies or financial products is required to help avoid unwanted attention or questions.


It’s it imperative that all solutions be transparent and stand up to review by the appropriate authorities.


We believe all strategies and tools should share philosophy and inform all other activities.


It is critical to understand the aggressiveness of any solution or tactic against your capacity for risk.


Sometimes the newest strategies carry a steep price for the result. We work with you to balance the benefits against the financial and psychological costs of any solution.


It’s critical that financial solutions are simple and easily understood.


Success planning should never employs tools or tactics that are illegal or illicit.

What is the 360 Family Office Investment Philosophy?

What is the 360 Family Office Investment Philosophy?

The first component of investment success is to have an investment philosophy. Decision making in difficult, volatile times requires a proven approach that can be counted on.

The 360° Family Office investment philosophy is based on Five Nobel Prize in Economics. Opinions, conjecture and speculation are never included. Investing in markets (Stocks, Bonds, Real Estate, Cash), not Managers is a academically proven path to long term out-performance (i.e. Dimensional & Vanguard).

Global diversification is a proven tenet and discipline in this process matters. Buy things on sale - never sell things on sale. Have a plan for liquidity/income needs and isolate risk assets not relied on for either purpose. Low costs are critical -every penny saved is a penny compounding interest.

360° Guiding Principles

At the heart of the 360° Family Office are four pillars for success.


Fiduciary relationship that assures your teammates interests never step in front of the families.


You define the destination and we create the critical questions to assure successful family experiences.


It is critical to understand the aggressiveness of any solution or tactic against your capacity for risk.


We integrate/locate and engage your professional resources, so replacements and upgrades are never your responsibility.

How is that Different from Wealth Management?

How is that different than Wealth Management?

The Family Office business structure creates a fiduciary relationship between the owners and all of their selected providers ensuring that the Family Office is always making decisions that are in the best interest of the family, not caught in quotas and commission plans like traditional investment opportunities.

Family Offices go beyond wealth management to focus on the specific needs of the entire family tree and delivering comprehensive turn key solutions for concierge services, planning, charitable giving advice, and other lifestyle services formerly unique to high net worth individuals.

What Services are Included?

What Services are Included?

Family Values & Legacy Preservation
Wealth Protection & Privacy
Education & Mentoring
Next Generation & Succession
Wealth Creation & Preservation
Family Business & Asset Management
Asset Allocation & Investment Strategy
Risk Management & Control

When Do I Need a Family Office?

When Do I Need a Family Office?

A family office is the organization a family creates, or is created for them, often after the sale of a family business or another realization of significant liquidity, to support their specific financial and lifestyle needs.

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