Markets and Outlooks

Quarterly Market Review (QMR) – Q2 2019

The keys to building wealth are buying right and selling right. Always buy “on sale” and sell them at a premium. Here is the latest guide to what to consider investing in and what to hold onto.  Equity markets around the globe posted positive returns for the quarter.  Looking at broad market […]

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Designing a Financial Wellness Offering

Financial stress is a massive burden to employees and their employers and existing solutions don’t fix the entire problem. You can’t just app-ify people’s way to financial well being. At its core, financial wellness is a deeply complex, personalized and ever evolving process that happens over time with consistent attention […]

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A Bassackwards Cut Rate?

The media narrative that the U.S. economy is in trouble – many are saying on the edge of recession – has become so powerful and persuasive that few readers give it a second thought.  A few thoughts to encourage further consideration: The rate cuts that the Fed now seems to […]

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