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SEC Fiduciary Enforcement is at “Epic Levels of Tenacity”

Something very odd is happening at both the DOL and SEC. Ever since the fiduciary rule was killed by the courts earlier this year, a renewed sense of purpose seems to have washed over both agencies. While many thought complacency and a light hand would be the guiding approach of both regulators in the Trump […]


Why Should You Diversify?

As 2019 approaches, and with US stocks outperforming non-US stocks in recent years, some investors have again turned their attention towards the role that global diversification plays in their portfolios.


A Wi-Fi Blanket in your home?

The thought of slow wi-fi inside my 4 level town home is not acceptable one. In pursuit of max speed a few solutions have been attempted without satisfaction- until now. This article describes the issue and her testing reassures me, that the optimal solution – the Netgear Orbi -system is in place here. My speeds […]


Thirteen colonies unite to form a new country

A big day for the USA — November 15, 1780 The Second Continental Congress approves the Articles of Confederation, which unifies the 13 American colonies under a weak central government and names this new country the United States of America. The document, a precursor to the Constitution, will be ratified by the states on March 1, […]


Has the Tax Cut increased revenues?

It’s important to recognize that the tax cut has, so far, reduced revenue compared to how much the federal government would have collected in the absence of the tax cut. But, total federal receipts are likely to end the current Fiscal Year up slightly from last year and at a record high. Next year, according […]


A 100% Suntzu Move by Amazon

Amazon’s new minimum wage: $15 an hour…A great move 3 ways. Amazon dictates terms of engagement to the others from the high ground and they change the terms of human capital acquisition and puts the smash on the illegal sub economy. There is a 100% difference when a mega employer does it and a government […]


Earnings grew fastest for those who... ?

How do you know tax reform is working for those who really need it? Earnings grew 3.9% for workers at the bottom 10th percentile, while workers at the top 10th percentile had their usual earnings grow only 1.2%. Usual earnings for people who never finished high school are up 7.6% in the past year, faster growth […]


The Art & Science of...How it Works

The latest Stock Market ride has been fast and offers elevation changes that take away your breath and may induce nausea. Is strapping yourself into the seat the right answer? People have asked me many many times what I think of the stock market making new record highs. I have an explanation that makes sense when I share it and then the markets execute the […]


The Art and Science of Sleeping Well at Night

Interesting call today from a long time friend and business owner to whom we deliver the Seurté experience. This friend was upset and apologized for calling on a less than happy note. He had a problem that was keeping him up at nightand gnawed at him when awake. The issue turned out to be a […]